Get Adventurous with Your GroutIf you are thinking of installing new tiling for the flooring or backsplashes in your home, the color of the tile is something that you carefully consider in advance. The color of the grout…not so much!

But the color of the grout you use for your tile can transform your rooms giving them a look that can be vintage inspired, modern, opulent and more. Find out how the color of your grout can work to update your interior design. Get adventurous with your grout!

Black and White Grout

Black and white grout are old classics and may not be exciting to those who are looking to get adventurous with grout colors. However, they still work well with many décor choices.

White grout works well with white tile to create a clean and modern vibe. Black helps white tile to pop giving it a classic look that is great for a farmhouse style kitchen. Either will make the perfect complement for bold and colorful tile choices.

Gray Grout

Gray grout is becoming a more common alternative to stark blacks and whites. It gives a softer look that can be modern and unexpected when used with large tiles and it can create a contemporary, relaxed look when used with subway tiles.

Unique Color Choices

While gray can give your tile a subtle and unexpected look, a noticeable color can provide an overall transformation.

Some will want to play it safe, starting out with more neutral colors, but if you really want to be daring, there are over 40 different grout color options available including oranges, golds, blues, greens and browns. There are even some glitter options.

However, if you are choosing a colorful grout, you should be warned that extra maintenance will be required. You want to keep the grout clean so it shows its vibrant color, but certain chemicals can also strip the color. Be sure to research a bit to find out how to clean grout correctly before proceeding.

Grout color might not figure in much when considering the grand scheme of your interior design, but you would be surprised to find out the transformation it can provide. We welcome you to explore your options to find out how it can work to give your décor a whole new look. Which colors will you be experimenting with the next time you install tile in your home? Let us know if you need help on your next project!