Outdoor GroutMany people only think of the grout in their home, but do not forget the grout outside your home. Are you dreaming of next summer as you sit inside trying to stay warm during this holiday season?

Grout can be used in many capacities outdoor and can be found holding together the tiles, stones and pavers that comprise your patios, walkways and garden paths. Depending on your driveway design, it may be connecting the pavers there, too. Outdoor grout needs even more love and care. It gets exposed to the elements and rain and wind do significant damage. When the grout needs replacing, think about a choice that adds sparkle to your design, something that catches the light by day and add glitter by night. As you read on we have put together some helpful information when it comes to outdoor grout trends and tips!

Jeweled Grout

Of course, we mean jeweled grout. Products like Starlike Crystal Glass Grout Jewels provide a color-adaptive translucent grout that the user combines with their choice of Jewel additives. The sophisticated result gives you an haute couture look for your home.

Many designs use this spectacular two-component translucent epoxy grout for mosaic and glass tiles. Its composition though also makes it highly suitable for installation in high humidity environments, areas with exposure to UV rays and chemical contact. That describes most patios. It also makes it the perfect addition poolside and in spas.

Using jewel grout in walkways and patios adds new dimension to the design. The use of these jewel-toned designs creates depth in the design.


The vast choice of colors ranges from vintage tones to brilliant shades. Use a vintage pearl white against a dark slate walkway to brighten and add depth and tone or lapis blue to accent white or light gray stones. The brilliant colors of lilac or true ruby add sparkle to a path comprised of black river stones.

Ideas for Using Jeweled Grout Outdoors

While the application can vary, you can start with these walkway and pathway ideas to perk up your yard.

Redbrick walkway: Dress up this traditional classic with contrasting or matching jeweled grout.

Limestone Walkway

The large slab walkways of limestone dress up beautifully with this iridescent grout. Just as durable as the limestone, it complements the pavers perfectly.

Mixed Stone Sidewalk

Mix the white or pearl versions of this grout with a mixed stone pathway of various shades and sizes in multiple textures and colors. The glimmer of the grout offsets the colors of the stones.

Tri-Color Brick Walkway

Accent a traditional white, red and dark blue brick pathway with these jeweled, glittering grouts to update and modernize this old-school design.

Using a new grout color out of the jeweled tones now available updates the entire look of the walkway. Replace your worn grout today with jewel grout to add glimmer and brightness to any installation. Call Ambrose Tile and Carpet today to plan your next project.