Tile Installation

Service Tile InstallationTile floors, walls, and backsplashes can make a huge difference and statement. It can add value to your home, provide durability, allows for mixed media design elements in a room, and make a room easier to clean. Our certified installers have experience putting in tile in all sorts of environments. They know the best techniques for wherever you need tile installed.

We use thinset, crack isolation barriers, and cement board underlayment to ensure efficient install and long life of your tile. The grout we use is power grout with a built in sealer. The best part of all that is that we’ll recommend what is best for your space, so you don’t have to know.

The range of colors, styles, and patterns of tile are limitless. We carry a wide range of brands and materials from which to choose.

Types of tile

There are so many types of tile all with a different look, feel, and performance. We can tell you all about the properties of ceramic, terracotta, vinyl, stone, marble, and so many more!

Installation environment

Are you installing tile in a high traffic area? Do you have children and pets? Is the tile going to be exposed to water on a regular basis? Will any heavy items be sitting on or going over the tile? Is the area climate controlled? These and so many other considerations are vitally important to the success and long life of your tile installation.

How can we help?

The good news is that you can schedule an estimate with us and we can walk you through all these decisions. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have, tell us about your specific needs, and whether you have a budget in mind. Our experienced staff will be able to take all these factors into consideration in helping you make this decision without confusing you with insider technical jargon. We want you to understand exactly what you are getting and why. Providing you with that kind of Old Fashioned Service will ensure that you get the best value at a price you can afford. We can even help you with financing!

Use our online scheduler or give us a call at (847) 603-1658 to set up your appointment today.